If you’re not vegan, why do you have a vegan site?

Although I don’t consider myself to be vegan and don’t want to co-opt the title, I actually eat very little dairy and eggs. In our house we don’t like or eat those products.

Because my husband has an allergy to milk, and plant milks are just fine, we gradually stopped buying cow’s milk. Neither one of us enjoys fried eggs and so they slowly stopped making their way into our grocery carts. However, I still liked to bake. So instead of buying eggs just for baking I started learning how to bake without them. This led to my enjoying the challenge of vegan baking, and so here we are! 🙂

I may at some point write out a full post about my position. If you want to know more please contact me any time and we can chat! 🙂

Can I substitute X,Y, Z ingredients in your recipe?

You can try. Just be aware that unless I’ve noted a substitution, the recipe hasn’t been tested in that way. I can’t be sure of your results. However, please let me know in the comments how it goes so we can all learn together!

Can I make this gluten free?

Same goes as with the above question. Unless I specifically state a GF substitute, the recipe hasn’t been tested.

Where do you get your recipes?

Most of my recipes are either invented by me (through trial and error), adapted from other sources (and cited where required), or [modified] family recipes.

Some of your recipes aren’t really recipes, but rather just ideas…

Yeah, that’s true. Remember Kindness Kitchen is an extension of my real life kitchen. This is the food I make, eat, and share at home!  Sometimes a meal is as simple as coming up with new ways of serving toast!

Who is your favourite superhero?

Batman!!  I love Batman. Bruce Wayne is a genius and although he doesn’t have super powers he uses his superior intellect to be able to outsmart, out plan, and out think his enemies.

What is your favourite cookbook?

I have a couple that I return to frequently. One is the old Better Homes and Gardens red checker plaid book. Although not a vegetarian cookbook, it has some great classics that I return to frequently (and adapt as necessary). It’s a book I trust when I need a “standard” recipe. It’s been around since 1930 and undergoes updates every few years. Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book, Sixteenth Edition is the most recent edition.

Do you have any advice for someone wanting to reduce/eliminate animal products in their diets?

Yes. You can contact me if you want to talk at length about this or I may write a post about it one day. However, basically just do it. You can start small (replacing a few meals per week) or you can do it all at once. Find a few recipes you already eat that don’t have animal products and rely on those while you continue to research and find new ideas. Try new cuisines. You will find your meals to be adventures once you ditch meat. No more meat and potatoes, now you are going to be entering the world of sauces, herbs, spices, nut butters, curries, beans, lentils and much more. Check your grocery store for pre-made meat substitutes (including veggie ground “beef”, veggie burgers, veggie dogs, veggie “meat”balls, etc.) to make your transition easier.

Contact me below if you have any other questions 🙂