Hi!  I’m Crystal and this is my Kindness Kitchen! However, I can’t do this all alone so I must be sure to mention that I have a husband who is providing me with tech support and his endless appetite for sampling my food! I also have a dog who is more than happy to scrounge up the dropped crumbs and two cats who are willing to accept my presence in their home.

We have both been strict vegetarians since early 2012. The move to vegetarianism was a well-researched and thought-out position based on the ethics of eating other sentient beings. For us, it was no longer possible to continue to consume our animal brethren. Of course, through all the research I came to understand the health considerations in consuming animal flesh as well as the environmental ramifications.  As such, the ethical move to minimize suffering led to the extension of environmental and health care as well.

I do not consider myself to be vegan, although all the content on this site will be vegan. This means no animal-based products whatsoever. I want to show that it is easy and achievable to eat with kindness and consideration without the use of animal products. 

I do not have any professional cooking/baking experience; I am simply a passionate home cook. I learned all the traditional baking and cooking methods from my mom who was taught by her foremothers. As such, I grew up eating butter, eggs, and sugar and having big Sunday suppers with the family. Now that I’m vegetarian, I still value all the richness that a good meal provides, and I want to make meals that reflect my values. So I have made it my hobby (and mission) to “kind-ify” all the old traditional recipes and meals as well as to adopt all-new ones.

I am a nerd in every sense of the word: I love technology, I read comic books, I am a sci-fi fan, I play video games, and I attend comic conventions. I also am a bibliophile and bookworm. I am a geek about education and absolutely LOVE school – I’m very much a real life Lisa Simpson.

Please take a look around the site to find something delicious and kind for your health, kind for the earth, kind for the animals to make in your own kitchen. 


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